There are two breakfast buffets.  One towards the front which is my favorite.  It is the largest breakfast buffet I have ever seen. Crepe and omelet station, juice bar, many Danishes, fruit, cereal, cheeses, meats, waffles, I could go on and on.  There is also another buffet at the restaurant by the beach.  You are able to see the water but it is a much smaller buffet. Birds are everywhere at both buffets so I wouldn’t leave your food unattended.


For lunch, the same two restaurants are open.  They have different themed food every day but always have pasta if you dislike the theme.  I personally like the one by the beach because you can feel the breeze and look at the beautiful turquoise water while your enjoy your lunch and loved one.


Dinner you may choose from seven different restaurants or of course room service which is 24 hour.  One or two restaurants may be closed on any given night depending on what season you have your travels in.  There will be a paper left in your room the night before, at turn down, letting you know what will be closed as well as nightly events for the next day. Privilege Club is able to make reservations for the restaurant of their choice.  The busiest times to eat are 7:00-8:30pm.  If you prefer to eat at this time there will most likely be wait unless you have a reservation.  Most of the restaurants are located around the great courtyard which yes, has a bar.  This is good for getting acquainted with other guests or just listening to the music if the restaurant of your choice is on a wait. 

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