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Photos & stories from our favorite places around the world.

Bahama Exursion: Shopping Tour

This is a tour the resort offers for only $20 a person. You must sign up for it before hand and the spots fill up quickly. I am not a shopper but they take you down town to experience it. Instead of shopping, we walked around to check out the [...]

The Exumas, Bahamas

Thank You Dream Caribbean Travel Oh what an amazing adventure! This is a must do. You are picked up from the resort and taken to a boat bay. A speed boat then drives you through, once again, beautiful turquoise water to Half Moon Bay. This ride is not short, about [...]

Oahu, Hawaii *Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor: “December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”- Franklin d. Roosevelt. One of America’s greatest historical sites is Pearl Harbor on Oahu, Hawaii. There [...]

The Bahamas

We flew from DFW to Miami Florida in about two and a half hours and then boarded a flight, on a very small plane, headed to Nassau, Bahamas.  This flight, since the plane is so small, you must check your carry ons before you board but this is done at [...]

Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter: Swimming with the dolphins is an experience I would not pass up while visiting Mexico.  It’s an excursion full of excitement and learning.  (Great for everyone over the age of eight).  I say this because an eight year old was in our group and she was [...]