Thank You Dream Caribbean Travel

Oh what an amazing adventure! This is a must do. You are picked up from the resort and taken to a boat bay. A speed boat then drives you through, once again, beautiful turquoise water to Half Moon Bay. This ride is not short, about an hour and 45 min. but so worth it. At Half Moon Bay you travel up in to the island and there is a man waiting behind a handmade bar to serve you a beverage. Rum Punch, yum. After you have you drink we made our way down the trail to look over Half Moon Bay. Oh the eye bulging beauty. After some pictures, of course we went for a dip in the bay. Not much time is spent here at the first stop but you will be back to this tantalizing place. Off again, we were all taken to a spot for snorkeling for about 30 min. Not everyone has to do the snorkeling but it was a nice spot. Once again you’re whisked away to look at some different Cays and the amazingly clear waters. Can anyone say “lunch time”? Yes, taken back to Half Moon Bay where they have cooked delicious chicken and pasta salad (great). All of this was laid out on a wooden boat table with fresh fruit and veggies. We filled up our plates and headed down to eat while in awe of the Bahamian waters. Whatever food is left over on you piled high plate, you may feed to the sharks. Don’t worry, these are small sharks and are at the front of the bay, not where you will swim. Stuffed, we make our way to swim once again in the crystal clears waters of Half Moon Bay. I could have stayed there forever but we had to move on. The group is then taken to a magnificent sand bar in the middle of the exhilarating waters of the Bahamas. Some people found sand dollars but no one left emptied handed for we all left this place with a humbled heart. Lastly you are taken to another Cay to feed iguanas. I chose to swim instead of feed iguanas in the hot sun. Either one you choose. Words and pictures truly could never explain the artistry of this place. Please do not miss out on this magnificent adventure. Pictures posted….IMG_0114 IMG_0125 IMG_0134 IMG_0150 IMG_0158 IMG_0260 IMG_0261 IMG_0265

Thank you Dream Caribbean Travel