Arrival in St. Lucia: There are few flights to St. Lucia.

Expect a full day of travel.  We traveled from DFW to MIA and from MIA to UVF.  I met many people that traveled different routes but I was quite happy with our route.

Transportation Options from Airport (UVF) to Resort: Shuttle, Private Car, Taxi or Helicopter

Since I had multiple appointments with resorts on St. Lucia, we decided to rent a car at the airport.  This took a good 45 minutes (although we had reservations). I would not suggest this to my clients (we took taxis or shuttles with the exception our resort appointments). In St. Lucia, there are only 2 lane roads, very winding and right hand drive.  This will take some time to get used too but you’ll warm up to it after the first day or so.  You can expect a 1.5-2 hour drive from the UVF airport to the other side of the island where multiple nice resorts are located including Grand St. Lucian. I read of some travelers getting car sick due to the winding roads but I didn’t experience this.  There is an option to leave from UVF on a helicopter.  If you’d like to take this route, your luggage will not be accompanying you on the helicopter but will go by van to your destination.  No worries, all that I spoke with had no issues with receiving their luggage and many enjoyed this transfer to their resort.  Nothing goes without the downsides…depending on the circumstances- I spoke with two couples that the party that took the ground transportation arrived to their destination prior to the helicopter.  I am assuming this is rare but something to think about.  Also know that if you are staying at the far end of the island; you will still have a 30 minute drive, depending on traffic, to you resort.