This is a tour the resort offers for only $20 a person. You must sign up for it before hand and the spots fill up quickly. I am not a shopper but they take you down town to experience it. Instead of shopping, we walked around to check out the little downtown area for, well… you. Their major food in the Bahamas is conch which is plentiful on the islands. Stopping in a little restaurant named, “The Conch”, fried conch was tasted along with a cold beer of their country. It is hot downtown so make sure you have a cold water. It (water) may always be purchased downtown as well if need be. We visited “The Pirates of Nassau Museum” This was educational as well as entertaining (some pictures will be posted but they do not give the museum justice) and not pricey at all (always a plus). The Sandals Bahamian Resort staff do not explain this to you but you only get about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, downtown to shop or explore, I highly recommend exploring. Next you are off for, what seemed to me, another historical tour but better. They drive you around the town a bit, repeating what the historical tour did with one exception, they did not focus on the trees. We saw Queen Catherine’s Castle as well as a stair case made for her. After the tour around the city the bus pulls up to this home that screams elegance. I happens to be a rum refinery with a little secret, some action scenes from James Bond, Casino Royal were shot here. This added an extra twist because I love the new James Bond movies. If you buy a chip for $5.00 you trade them in for a rum beverage. Just a little tip…If you think you may want more than one drink, buy more chips. The drinks are much cheaper at $5.00. The $5.00 also goes to upkeep of the historical home now a distillery. You are then shown through the distillery and taught of the history. It isn’t a long tour and at the end the group is able to buy bottles of rum or move on to the bar. This is where extra chips come in handy or you will pay $8.00+ for another drink. This of course wraps up the “shopping tour”. Of course you get much more with this tour than expected so if you prefer to spend more time downtown, exploring, you may want to take a separate cab at some point. The shopping tour staff member will let you stay downtown (beginning of tour) if you let him know but our group loved the added extras.

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