Jamaican Destinations

American tourists started traveling to Jamaica in the early 1900’s for the banana trade. Full of beauty and a warm welcome; Jamaica is a great location for a Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, Romantic Getaway or a Fun Family Vacation. Many Adult Only and Family Friendly, All-Inclusive Resorts sprinkle the coast.


Jerk food is popular in Jamaica and can pack a punch. I would not be surprised if you may have also been introduced to it visiting other Caribbean Islands for it is quite popular. Jerk is a mix of hot, spicy and sweet marinated tender meats, chicken and/or vegetables.

*Many All-inclusive resorts will have more alternatives.

Excursions are somewhat spread out depending on which part of Jamaica you decide to vacation at.  No worries because I have laid it all out for you in the review below.

Montego Bay:

Montego Bay located in the north-western part of Jamaica which is where you’d fly into.

Home of too many shops, restaurants, and bars.  Montego Bay is derived from the Spanish word “Manteca”, meaning Lard. The Spanish gave it this name because it was the hunting ground of wild hogs.


There are fewer excursions close if you stay in Montego Bay.  You will be able to book any excursion but you may spend much time in travel.


Negril is located 50 miles west, about a 60-minute drive from Montego Bay;  named by the Spanish in 1494 as Anguilla Negra.

Home of thegrand 7 Mile Beach as well as rugged cliffs & crystal clear blue waters.  Making this location perfect for your Destination Wedding and/or Honeymoon.

You may choose from a magnificent beach view or a captivating cliff view. The fun doesn’t stop once the sun goes down; beach parties and reggae music liven up the night.


Excursions close to Negril include golfing, romantic horseback riding, exhilarating zip lines, scuba diving and a memorable swim with the dolphins.


Ocho Rios:

Ocho Rios is located 67 miles east of Montego Bay; about a 90-minute drive, depending on if your driver stops for restroom and picture breaks.

Originally named Las Chorreras by the Spanish eventually became Ocho Rios, meaning “eight rivers”

This location is becoming one of the most requested locations on Jamaica and for more than the beautiful scenery.  Unlike Montego Bay, There are many close excursions so you won’t spend half a day in travel. Beyond the restaurants and Dolphin Cove, many more attractions are only a short drive when you stay in Ocho Rios.


Dream Caribbean Travel’s Choice:

Dunn’s River Falls & Park:

Known as the “Waterfalls” or the “Springs”.  It was named for the original eight rivers but over time the eight rivers became four and then the four became one.

Part of this river is open to the public which they have built a small park around. For the little ones, there is a splash area (not part of the falls). For the adults, booking the hike up Dunn’s River Falls is the magnificent Jamaican memory you’ll never forget; a must do.

Aside from the Water Fall Hike, there is much more to do which I have outlined below.

Bobsled: Whether you witnessed it or simply heard the history of it; we all know about the Jamaican Bobsled Team from the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. Of course, this is not a true Bobsled, rather a small hilltop rollercoaster but what better way to help your children learn and remember this piece of history.

Zip-lining: Ah yes adrenaline junkies, there is zip lining.

Sky Explorer: Which is essentially a lift from one area of the park to another but it spectacular.  This will give you and your loved ones a chance to get a beautiful aerial view of the surrounding rainforest and ocean. Snap some pictures and point out the wildlife you may notice below.

Other Ocho Rios Excursions:

Nine Mile: In the Parish of Santa Maria is the Birth Place and Resting Place of Reggae King, Bob Marley. Born in 1945, many know very little of the Man. Many feel a deep connection to Bob Marley, his music, and his dreams.

Grotto Caves/Green Grotto Caves: Pirates of the Caribbean is not only a movie. The cavern walls of the “Grotto Caves” also known as the “Green Grotto Caves” echo much more than Pirate history. This cave was a hideaway for Pirates as well as runaway slaves.  Yes, slavery did not originate in the United States.

Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Fishing & Snorkeling






South Beach:

South Beach is the least built up of all four areas.  Please Contact me if this is the destination you’d like to visit.

Whichever part of this island you choose; you’ll spend your days soaking up much needed vitamin D.